Christian music





RE LA MI FA#- RE Staring at a stop sign LA Watching people drive by MI FA#- T Mac on the radio Got so much on your mind Nothing's really going right Looking for a ray of hope RE LA MI Whatever it is FA#- you may be going through RE LA MI I know He's not gonna let it get the best of you RE LA You're an overcomer MI FA#- Stay in the fight 'til the final round MI RE LA You're not going under MI FA#- 'Cause God is holding you right now RE You might be down for a moment LA Feeling like it's hopeless DO#- FA#- That's when He reminds You MI RE That you're an overcomer LA DO#- FA#- You're an overcomer Everybody's been down Hit the bottom, hit the ground Oh, you're not alone Just take a breath, don't forget Hang on to His promises He wants You to know RE LA You're an overcomer... RE The same Man, the Great I am SI- The one who overcame death FA#- LA MI Is living inside of You RE So just hold tight, fix your eyes SI- On the one who holds your life FA#- MI There's nothing He can't do RE LA MI FA#- He's telling You RE LA You're an overcomer...