(Chris Sligh)

Christian music





RE MI-7 Safe inside your hand you hold me RE9/FA# SOL RE9/FA# Pain and tribulations mold me MI-7 I try to run away from you DO9 The pain's too great you put me through SOL LA4 LA I find myself on my knees to pray MI- Then you hear the words LA4 LA you long for me to say RE MI-7 Make of me a vessel RE9/FA# SOL that you can always use RE MI-7 No matter how you break me, RE/FA# SOL what I win or what I lose RE MI-7 RE9/FA# Let me be a vessel pure and holy, SOL RE MI-7 RE9/FA# perfect in your eyes SOL LA4 LA Lord, hear me when I cry, MI- LA4 LA for you to make me RE MI-7 RE/FA# SOL a vessel Deep inside my heart you've shown me Despite all my sins you've known me I try to run away again I break your heart with all my sin I fall to you with tear-filled eyes I run to You with broken heart and cry RE MI-7 Make of me a vessel... RE RE7+ Make me into what RE7 you want me to be SOL LA4 LA LA4 LA Oh Lord, may my prayer be Oh-oh RE MI-7 Make of me a vessel...